Saturday, 2 June 2012

SR Direct

SR Direct app is an app for Indian stock market trading.
It has various menu options as below,
1. Home
2. Get Quote
3. Market News
4. Heatmap
5. Indices
6. Calculators
# Brokerage Calculator
# Pivot Point Calculator
# Profit / Loss Calculator
# Trade Calculator
# Percentage Change Calculator
# Percentage Calculator
# Fibonacci Retracement Calculator
7. Pivot Point
8. Watchlist
The Home menu option will show a blog site called "SR.Stock"
The Get Quote menu option will show BSE / NSE quote details.
The app will give a list of stock code (symbol) for NSE quote, please enter BSE scrip Id or scrip code for BSE quote (example to get ICICI Bank quote use 532174 or ICICIBANK etc)
The Market News menu option will give various news topics from
The Heatmap menu option will display BSE/NSE major and sectoral indices in heatmap format.
The Indices option will display BSE/NSE major and sectoral indices.
The Watchlist allows you to add stocks and track them. you can enter buy and sell prices. The watchlist record will turn green when the buy price is reached and it will change to red when sell price is reached.

The calculators option has many sorts of calculators.
Brokerage Calculator helps to calculate total brokerage, you can see the breakdown. The various input percentages for this calculation can be changed in settings screen
Pivot Point calculator calculates pivot point and 3 support and resistance values.
Profit / Loss Calculator calculates profit or loss based on the transaction amount, buy and sell price. The final total is after paying the brokerage amount.
Trade Calculator gives the trading points for a given buy/sell price by using the stoploss and profit booking percentages setup in the settings screen.

The pivot point option displays pivot point and 3 support and resistance levels for NSE/BSE major and sectoral indices
The application allows user to share the news articles using various option like facebook, twitter, e-mail, text messages, blog etc.

App Screenshots

SR Direct

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